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Support Franklin Bynum for Judge

Franklin Bynum has been a criminal lawyer in Houston for the past nine years, handling cases at trial and on appeal. He is a former Harris County Public Defender, and has never been a prosecutor. He frequently speaks on how to advise immigrants in criminal court.

He is a third-generation Texas Democrat ­čÉ┤ and a member of the ­čî╣Democratic Socialists of America.

Franklin has worked in the Harris County Criminal Courts at Law his entire career and has seen their problems firsthand: mass incarceration of the poor, mass coercion of guilty pleas, massive waste and disorganization.

Today, he is running for judge of Harris County Criminal Court at Law 8 to take community control of our courts.

Plan for Action

  • Stop jailing those who can't afford to pay to get out of jail
  • End coercive "plea mill" practices
  • Support diversion programs to reduce arrests
  • End excessive court appearances
  • Reorganize court scheduling to provide more oversight of the police


This is a people-powered campaign! Franklin does not accept contributions from lawyers who practice in Court 8. Please join this campaign today with your contribution.