Harris County is the third-largest county in the United States, and the second-largest voting entity. It's big.

Over 3,000 people come through County Criminal Court #8 every year. Your donation ensures that each of those people will have a truly fair process as we remake the courts to address systemic discrimination.

More than that, your donation determines the fate of bail reform efforts both here and nationwide. The most important bail-reform lawsuit in the country is pending right now in federal court in Houston. A local federal judge ordered Harris County to change their discriminatory bail practices, but Harris County's strategy has been to appeal the case to the higher federal courts, seeking ideologically-driven panels of reactionary judges to defeat bail reform.

Elect me judge and I will end the federal lawsuit by agreeing to end discrimination in the courts.

Unless we settle this lawsuit now, it will continue to the United States Supreme Court, to be decided by Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He and his reactionary bloc will use this case to shut down bail reform nationwide. That cannot happen.

What happens in Harris County will shape the bail reform movement nationwide for years. We need your help.

Your donation is essential. Your donation helps us organize a movement. We need local control, we need community control of our courts.